Written By Aadya Sinha

August 14, 2016

The concept of 'becoming a feminist' seemed entirely foreign to me. Having grown up in an affluent and progressive household and being educated in the best of private schools, everyone around me called themselves 'feminists' or at the very least professed to believe in gender equality. (How those two are different, I have never understood). The term 'feminist' was thus implicit and taken for granted. Nevermind that there was no accountability to the tag, that most self proclaimed equalist peers only used the term in "I'm a feminist, but..." statements.

Written By Rohini Banerjee

August 7, 2016

Representation of women in the media is a key feminist issue. The erasure of women from the media and pop culture, the complete silencing of the female voice and perspective, has had long standing and drastic implications for women globally.Simply put, representation refers to the act of seeing yourself and your identity reflected back at you. It includes the need to identify with a character, fictional or real, to idolize them, to follow their example or mold one's life choices around the perceived qualities of one's favorite characters. Representation can refer to something as small as seeing someone who looks and behaves like you while having larger implications such as having your gender, race or your belief system validated.

Written By Gorki Bora

August 5, 2016

India, today is replete with instances of crimes against women. The social mindset which has been created can often be related to patriarcha notions set deep in the scriptures. Analyzing the claims, we can conclude that these allegations can be answered (not refuted) by correct interpretations and sound knowledge. The religious perception of women had always been putting man over women.

Written By Harnidh Kaur

July 31, 2016

I love the sudden spurt of articles about Qandeel Baloch. She would've been so happy. Supremely confused, sure, but super happy. And I'm going to take this moment to point out the hypocrisy of a lot of people.

Written By Aadya Sinha

July 16, 2016

Like most die hard comic fans, I am somewhat shamefaced when mentioning my weekly guilty-pleasure that is CW's Arrow. Not only does the show ignore many of the diverse minor characters mentioned in the comics, but there are also some gaping plot holes and inconsistencies. Still, it is an hour of mindless fun that I can binge watch without getting a headache, also I've come to have a small soft spot for the bespectacled-nerdy-IT girl that is Felicity Smoak.

Written By Lalantika Arvind

July 9, 2016

When is all that supposed to end? We call ourselves a developed nation, yet we still see thousands of cases of female foeticide and infanticide. We call ourselves an educated people, boast of being intellectually ahead of the West, yet, we see cases of girl children blatantly being denied education. We call ourselves forward on one hand and disrespect women who fail to comply with demands of dowry on the other hand. We say the government is trying its best, developing the nation, yet, our child sex ratio remains at a horrendous 914. This is not development- it is silent, unhindered genocide.

Written By Harnidh Kaur

May 30, 2016

I have my fair share of women I know. A few, I call close friends too. Two of my best friends, nay sisters, are women. However, despite going to an all women's college, I find myself craving an honest, true bond with another woman.

Written By Aishwarya S

May 22, 2016

An often overlooked yet extremely important part of any woman's health regime is regular gynaecological check-ups, especially if they are sexually active. There are a number of reasons why women, particularly in India, do not seek out these services as often as they should.

Written By Shreya Arora

April 14, 2016

Tribute to Zaha Hadid - for showing us that no one need leave their femininity behind to be powerful or impactful - neither buildings, nor people.