‘Kartik is an eighteen year old who likes to believe he is beyond his years. A student of history (as we are all) at St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, he identifies himself as an unapologetic nerd, as a lover of language, and a perpetual learner. When not deconstructing inane paradigms in his head, Kartik can be seen admonishing people for the patriarchal undertones of their statements and actions, much to their ire.’

March 20, 2016

'Meet the women who think men are the real victims..' and thus they are introduced. The most notable of the Men's Rights Activists (MRAs), Deepika Bhardwaj, calls feminists 'misguided' as she points that it is men who are the fallen, the voiceless, the forgotten gender...

October 10, 2015

"Ladies, it's your fault! exclaims Kalki Koechlin, as she stares out of your screen. Not surprisingly, many agree with her - sans the satire. In a discursive domain where most see 'culture' as a term of astonishing grandeur, the association of 'rape' is almost unsettling. Yet,there is perhaps no starker reality than the fact that 'culture' has enmeshed 'rape' so profusely, that it's time to take notice.