Battling against lifes vagaries, Sakshi believes that ignorance leads to hate and ultimately rigidity. She believes that the world can change for the better as long as people care and have an opinion. Feminist. Foodie. Whovian. Raging to empower not to suppress.

October 18, 2015

"The Udyami Yubak Brinda Durga Puja has been taking place for 27 years; however, this year marks a special one as it's the first time that a Pujo has been organized by the transgender community. Our correspondent was told that the discrimination and judgment that the community faced every year led them to claim their own space and carry out their own Pujo along with reclaiming their identity as a part of the community."

August 22, 2015

What I find astounding about our world is that we tell women to strive to be like men as a push towards gender equality. However, men aren't free beings who can be set up as role models in an attempt to reach equal opportunity in terms of gender. To be a 'Man' requires a test of skills and stealth, which when a male is unable to acquire leads him to be shunned, ridiculed and 'emasculated'. It's very difficult to approach the subject without stepping on some toes, but I really would like to try.