A budding Feminist, Toonika hopes that she can one day make a significant difference towards making the world a more gender-equal place. Currently, she is living a life of flux, sleep and extreme gluttony.

March 1, 2016

Last week, Gloria Steinem was in London for the launch of her new book On the Road. The How to Academy took advantage of this occasion and organized a chat between her and Emma Watson, which was indeed a treat for feminists of all ages in the city. Older feminists came in to hear and see Steinem, while many younger women came in for Watson, who is now a feminist in her own right.

October 23, 2015

At Kumartuli, this business has generally been relegated to the men. For decades, this profession has been dominated by male artisans. This male domination is laid down in religious and cultural tradition where, according to legend, the male artisan must seek 'pure' soil from a prostitute in order to create an idol. Thus, although in most traditions creation is a task attributed to women; this craft has remained male dominated.

August 16, 2015

One may well be brought to ponder upon the idea as to why a blog written by a bunch of Feminists chooses to deliberately call itself "The Raging Feminists". Well, the reason behind this is the simple fact that as Feminists, we are raging, we are angry at the kind of patriarchal oppression we see around us, and we simply see no reason as to why we should hide our