Curiosity has been Aadya's driving force from long before she knew the word. Growing up in a close knit family with a propensity to move every two years and a penchant for the most explosive dinner table 'discussions', she has accumulated a diverse range of experiences. While being a third culture kid has provided its own unique brand of growth, she credits her insatiable reading habits for majority of her character development (and social ineptitude)

Questions everything. Answers barely anything. Likes people, hates gatherings. This shameless feminist will make you uncomfortable, but in the best way possible. English literature graduate who has thing for word play and always wants to show it.

A graduate of Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Avanika is currently pursuing a Masters in English from Delhi University. She divides her free time between writing fanfiction and papercutting, and is interested in films, popular culture, gender theory, young adult fantasy/dystopian fiction, and the Hindi language.

Charulata Ghosh is currently a postgraduate student of English Literature. She enjoys baking, writing, and smashing patriarchy. She one day hopes to combine all three.

Blogger and Writer with varying interests in politics, news analysis, social issues, public policy and women's concerns. Visit her blog here

Harnidh is a 20 year old student, currently residing between Mumbai and Delhi. Shes pursuing her Masters in Public Policy from St. Xaviers, Mumbai. Shes a debater, slam poet, freelance editor, and TEDx speaker. Shes the senior poetry editor for Inklette Magazine, and a peer educator. Her first collection of poetry, The Inability of Words, is slated for a 2016 release.

Kartik is an eighteen year old who likes to believe he is beyond his years. A student of history (as we are all) at St. Stephens College, Delhi, he identifies himself as an unapologetic nerd, as a lover of language, and a perpetual learner. When not deconstructing inane paradigms in his head, Kartik can be seen admonishing people for the patriarchal undertones of their statements and actions, much to their ire.

Lalantika is currently serving her final year in the hell called high school, and hopes to pursue law in the all too near future. An enthusiastic procrastinator and a true fangirl, she watches way too many TV shows for her own good, and loves to read YA lit or dystopian classics, devour chocolate, write, watch YouTube videos, overthrow the patriarchy and listen to music that ranges from the loudest Linkin Park song to the softest Taylor Swift tune. If she sees your dog on the road, she will 1000% pet it, as she prefers dogs and fictional characters to real people. Someday, she hopes to start a revolution.

A Final year Engineering student, who awkwardly moonlights as a Storyteller-Poetess (cape and mask complete, thank you very much). Will sell her soul to the Devil for anything Pretty and Witty. A Feminist since the Big Bang and conveniently married to Dark Chocolate.

Paushali is a 21-year-old aspiring technologist who dreams of a world where there's no gender disparity and aloo in every kind of Biryani.

Prerna Gupta is a final year student of literature from Hindu College. She loves dark colors, cake and petting dogs. A travel enthusiast likes clicking photographs. She is interested in the field of gender theory and wishes to advocate for gender parity in everything that she does. Also, she is a fan of anything that has Jim Parsons in it.

A 17 year old Pakistani Muslim who tends to view the panoramas of life with new perspectives. In pursuit of the answers I have from the universe and hope to make a difference in my teen years. Intending to break the stereotypes by currently being a writer, poet, freelancer, debator, feminist and a realistic blogger.

Twenty-two year old Masters student who devours unhealthy amount of pop culture on a daily basis. Occasionally writes (bad) poetry and fanfiction and has too many feelings about fictional characters. Also a raging queer, in addition to being a raging feminist.

Rohini, is a pro Googler and has dedicated a substantial amount of her time in life to the internet. She is a firm advocator of gender equality and sees herself as a raging feminist, insisting upon the importance of such a name. Apart from feminism and the internet, Rohini is also a lover of popular culture, goats and cows

Battling against lifes vagaries, Sakshi believes that ignorance leads to hate and ultimately rigidity. She believes that the world can change for the better as long as people care and have an opinion. Feminist. Foodie. Whovian. Raging to empower not to suppress.

As a super secret spy, Saumya refuses to divulge information about herself.

Shreya Arora has been a student at NID for a year and a raging feminist for longer than she can remember. She loves good conversation, bad puns and reading anything that can make her think.

A budding Feminist, Toonika hopes that she can one day make a significant difference towards making the world a more gender-equal place. Currently, she is living a life of flux, sleep and extreme gluttony.

Twenty One. Binge watches shows. Survives on black coffee and white wine. Does not understand frappuccinos. Harbours an unhealthy obsession with dogs that do not belong to her. Loves Oxford commas and electric blankets. Hates green vegetables and misogynists. Eats breakfast food at odd hours of the day. Do read her blog here